Urgent Prayer Request: Baby Endurance Holston

by Peter Serven on May 24th, 2011

Endurance wasn’t born early, but he was born with severe heart challenges. (For background, go to this post

on Endurance’s blog.) At 8 months old, after 8 months in the hospital, he was recently moved cross-country from one hospital to another for an all-important surgery on his heart. That surgery took place today.

Here is an update from his family during the surgery a few hours ago:

Dr. Galantowics will take Endurance off of his heart/lung bypass machine when he’s finished with the surgery. This will tell the doctor if Endurance’s heart will tolerate being on its own. If his heart doesn’t accept being off of the machine (Seattle said he’d never survive off of this), Dr. Galantowics will put him back on for one hour. If he can’t come off, Endurance will basically pass away there. He’s in God’s hands. May it please Him to have Endurance survive on his own.

Endurance is now out of surgery, and needs urgent continued prayer. According to Mike, Endurance’s father, Endurance is hanging in there. He is still bleeding some, which is concerning, and his heart rhythm needs some help. He is still on the ventilator. Altogether though, according to the Holston family contact at their church, Mike sounded encouraged.


As you hug your little ones tonight, remember this precious little boy and his family in your prayers. Pray for physical strength for Endurance (who is also recovering from pneumonia), wisdom for the doctors, and strength for Endurance’s family. Throughout the ups and downs since Endurance’s birth last September, their commitment to and faith in God has been evident and unchanging. Remember them in your prayers.
To stay up-to-date on Endurance’s progress, follow his facebook page at www.facebook.com/prayersforendurance
For more detailed updates, visit his blog, Run With Endurance.