Little Tait Turns Three!

by Peter Serven on November 7th, 2011

On this day each year, we celebrate the life of Little Tait. It was November 6, three years ago, that he made his early entrance into the world. We didn’t know what to expect, since he wasn’t due until February 4 … three months later. When Daddy caught the first glimpse of his firstborn son, our little preemie was purple and tiny. Yet he let out the strongest cry a two-and-a-half pound 27-week preemie could muster.

Little Tait survived and thrived, and today we celebrate the three years the Lord has given us with him! He is such a blessing to us and his two younger brothers, and brings constant chuckles to our days. Watching his endless curiosity and wonder makes us see everything through new eyes – the first snow, a fishing trip, the beach, and a million other objects and activities! Little Tait has a very strong personality, and we pray that the Lord would give us the wisdom to mould him into an overcomer for Him!

As a result of our experiences throughout Little Tait’s birth and hospital stay, we have started the Little Tait Foundation for Preemie Aid to help parents of premature babies handle the overwhelming financial needs that result from the birth of their little blessing, without resorting to government funding. This is something that we are extremely passionate about, as we have been in this situation ourselves, searching for answers and looking for aid from the body of Christ.

Why not accept government aid if it’s available? My arguments fall along two lines.

First, from a jurisdictional standpoint, as Galatians 6:2 makes clear, care of burdens within the body of Christ belong to voluntary giving and the Christian community, not the State. In all reality, this argument should be enough. For the body of Christ to give up its clearly defined role is an abdication of its God-given duty.

Second, I will use a pragmatic argument in the sense that it sets forth the consequences of our disobedience. We can complain long and hard about the evils of Washington, DC and an out-of-control centralized government, but as long as we hold our hand out, we are morally compromised. Change won’t start in Washington; it’s got to start with you and me on the individual level.

Furthermore, when our outstretched hands are filled by the State, there are always strings attached. When the State is given jurisdiction over any area, it can control who gets what and how much. Right now, there is debate: “Should we preserve the lives of the youngest preemie babies, especially when their ‘quality of life’ could potentially be at risk?” By pawning off our Christian responsibility to the State, we effectively lose our voice in this matter.

What now? We are actively looking for a family whose child was born prematurely, has a large bill that for some legitimate reason was not covered by insurance or medical sharing, and believes it is not the duty of the State to meet their needs. If all lights are green, we will, by God’s grace, assist them in raising the funds needed to meet any pressing financial deadlines tied to a reduction in their bill. Please contact us if you know someone with these needs!

Once again, happy birthday Tait Jr.! May the Lord use your birth to minister to others, and may He use you to fight His battles throughout your life!

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