1An application is submitted by a Christian family with a premature baby.

2The applicant family is interviewed by the board of directors to determine eligibility for aid.

A few of the requirements:

  • Must adhere to our basic statement of faith.
  • Must believe on principle that it is the role of the Church, not the State, to provide for medical needs within the body of Christ.
  • Must enroll in an insurance or medical sharing program such as Samaritan Ministries, sufficient to cover future preemie medical bills prior to disbursement of funds; applicant must agree to keep their coverage current; “repeat offenders” will not be considered (unless their next child is born before full coverage kicks in).
  • Must provide a financial report in order to assess their potential ability to partially or fully meet their own need.

3The hospital bill is professionally negotiated.

The LTFPA may cover up to 40%* of a specific medical bill, based off of the funds available, only if the bill is recognized as “paid in full” by the medical provider; LTFPA will not partially cover a bill.

4The need is broadcast on the LTFPA website, blog, facebook, e-mail list, and through any other means available.

5Donations are received, and the funds are disbursed, and God is glorified.