Q. What about personal medical insurance?

A. We do believe that it is important for Christian families to participate in a medical sharing program such as Samaritan Ministries. Many Christian couples do not fully realize the importance of participating in a medical sharing program that will cover overwhelming preemie bills until too late. Young couples may not realize far enough ahead of marriage how long it takes to gain full coverage (usually insurance and/or medical sharing will not cover such needs for 9-18 months after enrollment). Some Christian couples do not have medical insurance because they are concerned about some procedures that they may be funding through their insurance, and are unaware of Biblical alternatives such as Samaritan Ministries.

As part of the requirements set forth in the Apply section, recipients of LTFPA aid must ensure that they get full coverage sufficient for any future large preemie bills. We also seek to educate young men contemplating marriage on the importance of getting full coverage as soon as possible, in order to provide for their future families.

Q. Why not accept Medicaid?

A. Galatians 6:2 commands believers: “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.” Clearly, the care of Christians’ burdens is the jurisdiction of individuals and communities within the Body of Christ, not that of the State. Since the money offered through programs such as Medicaid is money taken outside of the State’s God ordained boundaries, we believe that it is a form of theft to take this money and use it for our needs, rather than rely on God’s provision through our own personal finances and the body of Christ.

Even if some may not agree with these conclusions, the fact remains that our government is bankrupt. We are spending money that does not exist and are further indebting our children. The question needs to be asked, “What will happen when our economic system faces challenges because of its deficit, when we realize that we cannot keep writing ‘bad checks’ to cover programs like Medicaid?” We firmly believe that the body of Christ should be working NOW to develop the infrastructure needed to meet these needs.

Q. Other than donating, how else can I help out?

A. 1. Pray. That the Lord would bless our efforts; that we would be able, through your donations and support, to successfully meet the financial needs of preemie families; that the Lord would give these families strength as they take things one day at a time; that He would bless these precious little babies as they, in many cases, fight for their lives daily.

2. Spread the word. Post on your blog, share on facebook and twitter, tell friends and family, share with your local church…

Q. Will this money go to any premature children of board members of the LTFPA?

A. No. We may use the website to inform others of past bills as a side note, but do not qualify to receive LTFPA aid.

Q. Can I really make a difference?

A. As you can see on our Donate page, a little bit goes a long way in helping to meet significant needs! On that page we present a sample scenario of how we can realistically meet an average preemie’s financial needs.

Q. Why can’t the preemie’s family work out a payment arrangement with the hospital and take care of the bill on their own?

A. In our interview with the family, we ensure that they are doing everything possible to pay for the bill themselves. If this is not possible, and/or the hospital is willing to offer a significant discount if the bill is paid in full within a short period of time, we will consider aiding the family in meeting their urgent medical financial needs.

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